Helping property owners save tax

Steuern sparender Immobilien BesitzerIs there something you’d like to know about the correct tax treatment of your properties, the “speculation period” or the VAT treatment of mixed-use properties?
Would you like to find out whether there are any ways to cut the tax burden on your property that you might not have thought of yet?

Wendl & Köhler Steuerberatungsgesellschaft provides services for property owners ranging from those with one or just a few properties to large international property portfolios.
Drawing on the experience we have gathered over the years and a large network of architects, property managers and contractors, the advice we give you covers all aspects. We make sure you pay as little tax as possible and optimise and add structure to your wealth-creation activities.

What makes us unique

The benefits for you as our client


International optimisation

A wealth of experience in tax optimisation of national and international property portfolios.

Expansive network

Over the years, we have developed a huge network that enables us to provide you with comprehensive advice in line with your specific needs. It includes both architects and property managers as well as contractors and marketing specialists.

Strategic wealth creation

We help you optimise the taxes on your property as part of a structured wealth-creation strategy.

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If you’d like to find out how much you would have to pay for our services, drop us a line so that we can arrange a free, no-obligation get-to-know-us appointment straight away. We’ll take the time to discuss your individual requirements and give you a quote afterwards.

What do we do?

Pre-purchase property analysis/analysis of existing property portfolios

Are you currently considering whether to buy a property? Are you wondering what the tax impact would be on your assets and whether it really makes sense to buy? Or do you perhaps already own property that is rented out or is mixed-use?
We conduct a thorough property analysis either pre-purchase or for existing portfolios, taking a close look at the properties and answering any questions you have.

Some of the questions our clients often ask:

  • How much capital do I need to be able to buy?
  • What counts as capital?
  • What is the effective return on the property I rent out?
  • How long will it take to pay off my mortgage?
  • How high are the actual costs over the entire term of the mortgage?
  • What is the situation with regard to tax on a property purchased in another country?
  • Is it possible to pay cash for a property?
  • How far in the future can the purchase date for a property be?
  • How long does the process of rescinding a contract take?
  • Which time of year makes most sense to buy a property?


Our services for clients looking to buy property:

  • Assessment of whether the property is suitable as a means of saving tax
  • Advice on financing property purchases
  • Advice on inheritance and gift tax plus property succession
  • Profitability assessment
  • Tax assessment of leases for residential or commercial property
  • Tax assessment of leases and loan agreements between relatives
  • Assessment of compliance with the “3-property limit”
  • Analysis to determine the monetary value of a property
  • Forecasts of returns on and tax impacts of renovation and cosmetic repair projects
  • Advice concerning photovoltaic systems


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