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With businesses often finding themselves faced with the challenge of having to react swiftly to changes in the law and in staffing, it’s good to know you can rely on our highly trained staff to ensure your payroll accounting meets all the requirements – month in, month out.

Our team use DATEV’s new “Unternehmen online LOHN” program to support you in your monthly accounting duties so you can enter data whenever and wherever it suits you. Staff-intensive sectors, in particular, such as the restaurant and hotel trades, can depend on our expertise and flexibility. And the best thing about it is you put together your own service package in line with your needs.

Those clients who have their payroll accounting done by us using Unternehmen online LOHN really appreciate the convenience it offers.

What we do

Our services include both management of payroll accounts and processing of monthly payroll data plus provision of information for the HR department. We set up or modify business and staff data, capture data, manage accounts and payments and produce the monthly and annual payroll evaluation reports. We also transfer data to health insurers and tax offices as required by law and notify the German Statutory Pension Insurance Scheme (“Deutsche Rentenversicherung”) of the payroll figures.

In addition, we make sure all of the necessary notifications to health insurers, social accident insurance institutions and the tax office are produced on time, exchange data with the institutions involved and send the local council, authorities, etc. notifications required for things such as unemployment benefit – for everyone on your payroll. We are also happy to advise you on any questions you might have should you choose to do your payroll accounting in house.
As part of our service package, we can also support you in negotiations with staff and in the development of customised remuneration systems.


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Your data is in the best of hands with us: we make sure it is stored electronically for up to ten years.

As an employer, you are required to notify various institutions of certain aspects. We can draw up wage statements for you as well as applications to be submitted to institutions such as social insurance bodies, the employment office, health insurers or other insurers. We can also make sure Deutsche Rentenversicherung is notified immediately of any new staff you take on.

We offer quarterly appointments to discuss evaluations of, for example, your staff expenditure, as well as meetings focusing on new issues such as legislative amendments concerning wage tax or social insurance.  This advisory service for managers makes sure you always keep abreast of developments and can make your business decisions on a sound basis.

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