Financial statements & tax returns

We make sure your financial statements meet all the requirements set out in tax, business and banking legislation so you can concentrate on what matters – your business’s performance.
Irrespective of whether you’re a private individual, business owner, partnership, corporation, freelancer or trader as defined by the German Income Tax Act (“Einkomenssteuergesetz”): our expert team always looks out for your best interests.

We have many years of experience in dealing with corporations and understand the challenges faced by the different types of partnership that exist. But freelancers can also count on us to make sure their documents are prepared properly.
From trade tax (“Gewerbesteuer”) to VAT to corporate tax, we handle all types of tax and provide you with comprehensive information about the requirements they involve. Even when it comes to complex issues such as the EU mini one-stop-shop (MOSS) scheme, you can be sure you can rely on us.

Our services include checking your accounting records plus tasks related to financial statements such as account adjustments or formation of provisions. We check the contracts involved and the information concerning other liabilities and make sure the data is electronically transmitted to the tax office and the Federal Gazette (“Bundesanzeiger”). We will also be happy to advise you on any tax or finance-related issues concerning property.

What we do

We do all of the groundwork and prepare the statements you require, including net income accounting (“Einnahmen-Überschussrechnungen”), (complementary) tax balance sheets, advice on decisions concerning wealth creation plus management analyses.

And, of course, we also check the tax assessment notices you get from the tax office and represent you in dealings with them.

If you’re tired of spending hours struggling with your personal tax return, we’d be happy to do the job for you. We’ll put together all of the documents required for your income/inheritance/gift tax and any other relevant types of tax, making sure we circumnavigate any pitfalls and ensuring compliance. If you’re a freelancer, e.g. a translator, interpreter, financial service provider, journalist, promoter or photographer, feel free to contact us too. Our experienced team will prepare all the necessary documents for you and take care of any communication required with the tax office.

For private individuals, we look at all their income, e.g. from capital investments or inheritance, examine alternative forms of assessment for spouses/partners and calculate any income-related expenses or special expenses, e.g. for home help. And, of course, we can also check your tax return and appeal on your behalf if necessary. Our aim is to make sure you pay as little tax as possible.

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