Tax advice for e‑commerce retailers

Helping e‑commerce retailers save tax and create efficient structures

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Are you an e‑commerce retail­er look­ing to opti­mise the way you do busi­ness?

Is there some­thing you’d like to know about inter­na­tion­al trans­fer pric­ing or the thresh­olds for VAT pay­ments in the dif­fer­ent EU states?
Do you need help set­ting up struc­tured, dig­i­tal doc­u­ment pro­cess­ing?

As an estab­lished tax advis­er for e‑commerce, we’ve built up spe­cial­ist knowl­edge on advice for online retail­ers. With tried and test­ed struc­tures, process­es and a nev­er-end­ing flow of new ideas, we make sure you can sit back and con­cen­trate on your core busi­ness, sup­port­ed by reli­able doc­u­ment-cap­ture and account­ing in the back­ground.

In our experience, many online retailers face the following challenges:

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E‑Commerce tax advi­sor Dirk Wendl

• Chaot­ic doc­u­ment cap­tur­ing, result­ing in some oper­at­ing costs not being prop­er­ly record­ed. There is no struc­tured process to cap­ture both online and offline doc­u­ments
• Lack of knowl­edge on how to han­dle the tax aspects of orders from oth­er EU/non-EU coun­tries cor­rect­ly
• No net­work of Euro­pean and inter­na­tion­al tax advis­ers
• Chaot­ic data cap­ture and account­ing for Ama­zon FBA/FBM busi­ness
• Dif­fi­cul­ty stay­ing up to date and real­ly using all the poten­tial avail­able in the face of rapid­ly chang­ing rules and struc­tures relat­ing to tax in the e‑commerce sec­tor
To opti­mise your e‑commerce account­ing, we work with state-of-the-art soft­ware for mul­ti-chan­nel dig­i­tal doc­u­ment cap­ture. With DATEV’s “Unternehmen Online” tool, you can access and add to your account­ing doc­u­ments imme­di­ate­ly, any­where around the world and any­time.
Our high-per­for­mance data con­vert­er allows you to enter e‑commerce data from, for exam­ple, After­buy, Bill­bee, Plen­ty­mar­kets, Magen­to, Ama­zon, Pay­Pal, Amain­voice and many more
We work with an exten­sive net­work of tax advice firms in the var­i­ous EU states, which means we can eas­i­ly han­dle tax ID reg­is­tra­tion, VAT returns and tax account­ing in each coun­try. As IFRS experts, we are used to prepar­ing inter­na­tion­al bal­ance sheets and opti­mis­ing the result­ing tax bur­den.
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What makes us unique

The benefits for you as our client


Digital bookkeeping

We help you set up an easy-to-use process that enables you to dig­i­tal­ly cap­ture all of your company’s doc­u­ments and access and add to them at any time.

Extensive network

Over the years, we have built up an exten­sive net­work of part­ners in oth­er Euro­pean coun­tries, enabling us to pro­vide you with in-depth advice on inter­na­tion­al tax ID reg­is­tra­tion, VAT returns and tax account­ing

International financial accounting

We boast a wealth of expe­ri­ence in IFRS

What you can expect from us

Our services for e‑commerce businesses

Digital bookkeeping for our online-retail clients

You enter all of your company’s account­ing doc­u­ments dig­i­tal­ly, avoid­ing all that pesky paper­work and giv­ing you high­er-effi­cien­cy cap­ture for all out­go­ing invoic­es and incom­ing pay­ments.

Real-time access to all documents

Your per­son­al access code for the dig­i­tal account­ing sys­tem means you can access any of your finan­cial accounts at any time so you can iden­ti­fy out­stand­ing items swift­ly and save time.

Management analyses for your KPIs

With real-time access to your company’s KPIs, you always know how your busi­ness is doing and can react quick­ly to new sit­u­a­tions.

Full-text document search

Your dig­i­tal archive means you can search your doc­u­ments in the blink of an eye, mak­ing time-con­sum­ing man­u­al search­es a thing of the past.

Monitoring of VAT-relevant limits on delivery volumes

We keep a per­ma­nent eye on the lim­its that apply in the dif­fer­ent EU states that you sell to. Should you exceed the lim­it in a par­tic­u­lar state, we will reg­is­ter your com­pa­ny there for you.

Simple capture of PayPal data

We record your Pay­Pal billing data using a sim­ple and effi­cient method and check­ing imme­di­ate­ly whether all the doc­u­ments are there and whether the bal­ances on them are right.

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