Helping e-commerce retailers save tax and create efficient structures

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Are you an e-commerce retailer looking to optimise the way you do business?

Is there something you’d like to know about international transfer pricing or the thresholds for VAT payments in the different EU states?
Do you need help setting up structured, digital document processing?

As an established tax adviser for e-commerce, we’ve built up specialist knowledge on advice for online retailers. With tried and tested structures, processes and a never-ending flow of new ideas, we make sure you can sit back and concentrate on your core business, supported by reliable document-capture and accounting in the background.

In our experience, many online retailers face the following challenges:

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E-Commerce tax advisor Dirk Wendl

• Chaotic document capturing, resulting in some operating costs not being properly recorded. There is no structured process to capture both online and offline documents
• Lack of knowledge on how to handle the tax aspects of orders from other EU/non-EU countries correctly
• No network of European and international tax advisers
• Chaotic data capture and accounting for Amazon FBA/FBM business
• Difficulty staying up to date and really using all the potential available in the face of rapidly changing rules and structures relating to tax in the e-commerce sector
To optimise your e-commerce accounting, we work with state-of-the-art software for multi-channel digital document capture. With DATEV’s “Unternehmen Online” tool, you can access and add to your accounting documents immediately, anywhere around the world and anytime.
Our high-performance data converter allows you to enter e-commerce data from, for example, Afterbuy, Billbee, Plentymarkets, Magento, Amazon, PayPal, Amainvoice and many more
We work with an extensive network of tax advice firms in the various EU states, which means we can easily handle tax ID registration, VAT returns and tax accounting in each country. As IFRS experts, we are used to preparing international balance sheets and optimising the resulting tax burden.
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What makes us unique

The benefits for you as our client


Digital bookkeeping

We help you set up an easy-to-use process that enables you to digitally capture all of your company’s documents and access and add to them at any time.

Extensive network

Over the years, we have built up an extensive network of partners in other European countries, enabling us to provide you with in-depth advice on international tax ID registration, VAT returns and tax accounting

International financial accounting

We boast a wealth of experience in IFRS

What you can expect from us

Our services for e-commerce businesses

Digital bookkeeping for our online-retail clients

You enter all of your company’s accounting documents digitally, avoiding all that pesky paperwork and giving you higher-efficiency capture for all outgoing invoices and incoming payments.

Real-time access to all documents

Your personal access code for the digital accounting system means you can access any of your financial accounts at any time so you can identify outstanding items swiftly and save time.

Management analyses for your KPIs

With real-time access to your company’s KPIs, you always know how your business is doing and can react quickly to new situations.

Full-text document search

Your digital archive means you can search your documents in the blink of an eye, making time-consuming manual searches a thing of the past.

Monitoring of VAT-relevant limits on delivery volumes

We keep a permanent eye on the limits that apply in the different EU states that you sell to. Should you exceed the limit in a particular state, we will register your company there for you.

Simple capture of PayPal data

We record your PayPal billing data using a simple and efficient method and checking immediately whether all the documents are there and whether the balances on them are right.

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