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Busi­ness­es com­pet­ing inter­na­tion­al­ly have to con­sid­er oppor­tu­ni­ty and risk whilst not los­ing sight of prof­it. We sup­port them by pro­vid­ing advice that goes beyond tax and busi­ness man­age­ment issues.
From debt recov­ery to rep­re­sen­ta­tion in crim­i­nal pro­ceed­ings for tax offences – we work with expe­ri­enced lawyers to sup­port you in legal mat­ters by pro­duc­ing a real­is­tic analy­sis of the prob­lems and devis­ing an opti­mum strat­e­gy for you or your busi­ness.

What­ev­er the tax offence, you can rely on our expe­ri­enced, pro­fes­sion­al team for sup­port on how to deal with the sit­u­a­tion. Not only can we explain how to make a vol­un­tary dis­clo­sure of unpaid tax, we also rep­re­sent you in deal­ings with the tax author­i­ties if you do hap­pen to find your­self the sub­ject of crim­i­nal pro­ceed­ings for tax offences. If the pub­lic pros­e­cu­tor is brought in, you can rely on our sol­id net­work of expe­ri­enced lawyers for help.

What we do

Work­ing hand in hand with our expert net­work, we offer you sup­port in mat­ters con­cern­ing tax, com­pa­ny, con­tract, labour and pri­vate and com­mer­cial ten­an­cy law. We also advise clients on Suc­ces­sion and debt recov­ery.

In coop­er­a­tion with our part­ners, we can offer exper­tise on any legal issue; for exam­ple, mat­ters con­cern­ing com­pa­ny, com­mer­cial or con­tract law. When you need advice on busi­ness deci­sions, we can help with restruc­tur­ing plans, suc­ces­sion and invest­ment plans – to name but a few.

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