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Businesses competing internationally have to consider opportunity and risk whilst not losing sight of profit. We support them by providing advice that goes beyond tax and business management issues.
From debt recovery to representation in criminal proceedings for tax offences – we work with experienced lawyers to support you in legal matters by producing a realistic analysis of the problems and devising an optimum strategy for you or your business.

Whatever the tax offence, you can rely on our experienced, professional team for support on how to deal with the situation. Not only can we explain how to make a voluntary disclosure of unpaid tax, we also represent you in dealings with the tax authorities if you do happen to find yourself the subject of criminal proceedings for tax offences. If the public prosecutor is brought in, you can rely on our solid network of experienced lawyers for help.

What we do

Working hand in hand with our expert network, we offer you support in matters concerning tax, company, contract, labour and private and commercial tenancy law. We also advise clients on Succession and debt recovery.

In cooperation with our partners, we can offer expertise on any legal issue; for example, matters concerning company, commercial or contract law. When you need advice on business decisions, we can help with restructuring plans, succession and investment plans – to name but a few.

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