Financial accounting

You can rely on us to ease the burden of your tax-related and accounting duties. We look after your documents for you and make sure your current transactions are recorded properly and in line with the legal requirements.

We offer various options for exchanging data with our clients:

On paper

You send us your documents on paper at regular intervals and have your bank transfer your transaction data to us in password-protected mode.

Fully electronic digital accounting

We can provide our clients with the latest “Unternehmen Online” accounting software from DATEV – so all you have to do is scan your documents and leave the rest to us!
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What we do

The tasks we perform for our clients include checking their documents and assigning them to the correct accounts, processing payments and producing lists of accounts receivable/payable. We also supply management analyses.
In addition, we can do your VAT return for you, take care of recapitulative statements for the Federal Central Tax Office (“Bundeszentralamt für Steuern”) and enter your data in the DATEV system. Plus, supporting our clients in tax audits is all part of the service to us. Whether you’re in the property, restaurant or start-up business – we can advise you on any questions you have relating to tax, financing and finance.

We can provide you with analyses on paper, by e-mail or as a PDF – depending on how you send us your documents.  In addition, you can view the reports in a secure portal where you can also generate payment orders for items outstanding and transmit them to your bank in a DTAUS file.

Wir beraten Sie umfassend zu den Vorteilen der einzelnen Optionen des Datenaustauschs und wählen gemeinsam mit Ihnen das passende Vorgehen für Sie und Ihr Unternehmen aus. Wenn Sie selbst die Buchführung übernehmen möchten, unterstützen wir Sie bei der Wahl der Software und helfen Ihnen bei der Einarbeitung. Gerne vereinbaren wir einen Beratungstermin mit Ihnen.

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