Financial accounting

Financial accounting

You can rely on us to ease the bur­den of your tax-relat­ed and account­ing duties. We look after your doc­u­ments for you and make sure your cur­rent trans­ac­tions are record­ed prop­er­ly and in line with the legal require­ments.

We offer var­i­ous options for exchang­ing data with our clients:

On paper

You send us your doc­u­ments on paper at reg­u­lar inter­vals and have your bank trans­fer your trans­ac­tion data to us in pass­word-pro­tect­ed mode.

Fully electronic digital accounting

We can pro­vide our clients with the lat­est “Unternehmen Online” account­ing soft­ware from DATEV – so all you have to do is scan your doc­u­ments and leave the rest to us!
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What we do

The tasks we per­form for our clients include check­ing their doc­u­ments and assign­ing them to the cor­rect accounts, pro­cess­ing pay­ments and pro­duc­ing lists of accounts receivable/payable. We also sup­ply man­age­ment analy­ses.
In addi­tion, we can do your VAT return for you, take care of reca­pit­u­la­tive state­ments for the Fed­er­al Cen­tral Tax Office (“Bun­deszen­tralamt für Steuern”) and enter your data in the DATEV sys­tem. Plus, sup­port­ing our clients in tax audits is all part of the ser­vice to us. Whether you’re in the prop­er­ty, restau­rant or start-up busi­ness – we can advise you on any ques­tions you have relat­ing to tax, financ­ing and finance.

We can pro­vide you with analy­ses on paper, by e‑mail or as a PDF – depend­ing on how you send us your doc­u­ments.  In addi­tion, you can view the reports in a secure por­tal where you can also gen­er­ate pay­ment orders for items out­stand­ing and trans­mit them to your bank in a DTAUS file.

Wir berat­en Sie umfassend zu den Vorteilen der einzel­nen Optio­nen des Date­naus­tauschs und wählen gemein­sam mit Ihnen das passende Vorge­hen für Sie und Ihr Unternehmen aus. Wenn Sie selb­st die Buch­führung übernehmen möcht­en, unter­stützen wir Sie bei der Wahl der Soft­ware und helfen Ihnen bei der Einar­beitung. Gerne vere­in­baren wir einen Beratung­ster­min mit Ihnen.

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